B-Bro Big 2

The Most Complete and Authentic Big 2/Pusoy Dos !


Mahjong Club

100% Hong Kong Mahjong Game! With the most familiar cantonese voice in the game!



Where innovation lives

Usually, “innovation” is defined as “introduction of new things;” nobody can quantify what something needs to be in order to be “innovative”. For sure, it needs to exceeds than most people’s expectation. Organization always demands for “innovation services”, actually what are they requesting? In a real world, It is really hard to give definition on innovation, because — innovation means different things to different people.

At Recax, we believe that innovation is simplicity, fast, and efficient. User satisfaction is build up by our easy solution, by joining with Recax dynamic solutions, clients will be offer solutions with the most user-friendly interface; technical-free innovations. We provide all the tools to simplify the job in the customer point of view.

Mission and objective

Recax aims to become a leading company in designs and creates the best software solutions that exceed beyond customer expectations, our elite team targets to dominate the software industry through providing excellent service with flexibility, quality and innovation.